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Single Dashboard for employees financial wellbeing

Tax filing and optimization, Tax Optimization with goal optimization and investing in tax saving & other financial products to achieve financial well being. Yes, we provide all in one solution for employees financial needs i.e. CTC Structuring with maximum tax saving through deductions and exemption, financial plan to achieve their goals with maximum tax savings and enabling to buy financial products/services avoiding miss-selling.

Tax Optimizer is well established and trusted

TO is registered trade mark of TaxSpanner and regularly published in Times national publication for four years. TO+ tries to encapsulate both the tax and financial planning needs of an individual at the same time. Today, we are living in a highly dynamic, complex, disruptive and fast-changing world and we have tried to cater to these needs by bringing our TO+ to cater to the modern day demands and needs in the wealth management domain.

TaxOptimizer is Established and trusted

TO+ enhances return up to 30% thus wealth by tax optimization

Everyone earns money either through job or business but not everyone knows that tax saved is also analogous to money earned. The money earned is then spent to meet the basic needs, partly spent to meet our discretionary needs also called as aspirations and rest is saved or invested to meet our short, medium term and long term goals in life. Sometimes or most often we are not able to differentiate between needs, aspirations and goals. Even when we may be knowing these but still we are unable to channelize our resources in the best possible manner to get the best returns.

Benefits To Employees

Authentic tax advisory and tax saving

Right tax saving investments for achieving life goals

Easy connect with a dedicated CA

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

TO+ is End to End for safeguard against miss-selling and extended to buy investment as per recommendation.

TO+ balances the maximum return and minimal risk in journey to be rich

Every problem and challenge in life needs answer and solutions. Similarly, we also need an expert advice who can guide us to channelize our financial wealth/resources to get the maximum returns with minimal risk. The returns should be generated considering the current tax liability and also future tax implications. So, modern-day Financial planning and Tax Planning are not isolated from each other but rather two sides of the same coin. TO+ adds passive income for real wealth: Money saved is money earned. All of us should try to generate passive income from our active income sources. It’s been said that rich people become rich because money is working for them even while they are sleeping.

TO+ Balances tax optimization and financial planning:

We at Taxspanner take a 360-degree holistic approach to your personal balance sheet, profit and loss statement and cash flows to arrive at the best possible outcomes. This involves looking at the income and expenses statement, analysing assets and liabilities, and the net worth. The outcomes are a function of the macroscopic and microscopic lens and detailed analysis by our team which monitors each and every aspect of individual financial health. This report is a comprehensive solution which balances tax optimization and financial planning.

TO+ prepares personalized financial roadmap for each client

Every client is unique to us as everyone has different income structure, different goals, different risk profile and timeframes. So, we try to take each client with personalized and niche advice rather than generating generalised algorithmic advice to help him generate wealth even when the client is sleeping.

TO+ serve as financial roadmap for life with annual review

This tax optimization cum financial plan will serve as a roadmap to achieve your life’s financial needs and goals in minimal time with optimum risk while maintaining tax implications in mind. To ensure that your financial plan keeps pace with your changing lifestyle, changes in the investment options and, changing taxation structure. We will review it every 12 months to keep it up-to-date and relevant to your changing lifestyle and goals.

TO+ is End to End for safeguard against miss-selling

TO recommends to buy investment as per recommendation. Our services are a bridge to build hyper personal as well as business relationships with our clients and this engagement is a key step to help them achieve their tax optimization with financial goals.

"I am so happy that TaxSpanner is handling my taxes. The CA answered all my tax queries in detail and was very patient. Highly recommended."

– Venkat, Hyderabad

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